Intensive driving courses

14 Months or 1 week to pass? YOU choose!

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) say that most people need about 45 hours to pass a driving test. Most peole take a one hour lesson per week, take off Christmas and Holidays etc, and you can see why most peoples lessons drag on for months on end!

We offer you a way out of this with a fantastic range of Intensive Driving Courses with fully qualified driving instructors in your local area, and with a test at the end of your course!

So don’t panic, we can help!

What we offer

Our courses start from an 12 hour course for those that may have just failed a test, right up to our 48 hour course.

Most of our courses run for 4 hours per day with a test at the end, however our “Test in a Week” course is about 5.5 hours a day. You need to be sure in yourself that you can cope with the pace of the lessons.

Courses are traditionally 4 hours a day, with weekends off. So a 40 hour course would take 2 weeks. This is not set in stone and we can be flexible to suit your needs. Give us a call.

We can get you an earlier driving test!

We are totally honest with you at all times, the normal test wait time is 6-8 weeks for a driving test if you book it yourself using the consumer system provided by the government. You check this on the normal DVSA website here.

We can virtually guarantee you a test within a few days as our advanced business system checks the DVSA database EVERY 5 Minutes to capture those elusive test cancellations! This means you don’t have to wait 3 moths for a test, just a few days!

We can get you a driving test on the last day in the area you trained in so you have the best chance of passing!

We have never failed to get a test in the last 10 years, so we are confident in what we can do.

Booking Your Course?

Instructor with clipboardPlease BOOK EARLY!

Ideally we would like you to book your course about 8 weeks before you take it. This allows us to book your instructor and get a great practical test slot at the time we want!

However, life doesn’t always work like that!

If you are booking a course and haven’t passed a Theory Test, or the course you have booked is less than 8 weeks away, we may not be able to get a driving test for the exact end of your course. If this is the case we will search for cancellations and get the best date we can for your test. Don’t worry though, we are talking a few days and not weeks. You just need to be aware.

If you need a 100% guarantee of a driving test for the last day of your course, the only way this is possible is to pass your theory test first several weeks before beginning a driving course, then for us to book a driving test on the official booking website, on the normal waiting list, but you may have to book your course 8 weeks or more in advance, on the normal DVSA waiting list .

Theory Tests

Most people that come to us have already passed a Theory Test so we have not included this in the price. The cost is £23. If you need a Theory Test please select it during checkout or tell our staff.

If you have not passed a Theory, we would normally schedule this before your driving course begins or on the first day of your course, we would then look for a practical test.

In order to help you pass we offer you full and FREE access to Theory Test Pro, which is the best Theory training software available and has a FREE iPhone and Android app.

Driving Tests

All courses come with one attempt at the practical driving test. If you fail you would need to pay for the next test and any additional training you need. However, if you chose the correct course you will not be needing a retest.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so please tell us what you need and we will work with you to get the right result, first time!