What People Say

Chanee R – June 4, 2018

I’ve just passed my driving test with four minors something I thought I’d never be able to say! Thanks to Les, who has the patience and motivation of a saint. He really helped me excel to my full ability. The courses are flexible, Always putting my needs first, for example, changing from manual to automatic. I’d highly recommend them to anyone and even if you’re not confident you’ll be more than a capable driver afterwards.

Libby H – April 28, 2018

I had Ken and he was honestly one of the funniest person I know! we had a lot of banter as well as driving. Had someone else before hand and they said I would need lots more hours, did 3 and a half hours with Ken and passed first time. made me feel really confident, like I was a really good driver. if you need someone who can be chilled and easy to get on with, kens ya guy!

Dianne R – April 20, 2018

Fantastic bought driving lessons for my Son, look no further for excellent driving instructor/tuition which he really enjoyed. Passed test quickly highly recommended.

Kane D – April 19, 2018

Before going with Intensives.co.uk, I had 10 hours previous driving experience having no confidence to pass by the end of it. Switched and had 30 hours of intensive course lessons over Easter Holidays with instructor Les, who mentored me to become a competent, aware and safe driver, which allowed me to pass first time with no faults. Their payment scheme was also very flexible, allowing me to pay monthly with a deposit, rather than in bulk, which was a large help for me as well. I would highly recommend .

Linda B – April 16, 2018

Very friendly made me feel at ease, I booked up 20hrs of lessons & only done 8 hrs as my driving instructor Ken gave me the confidence that I needed & I passed 1st time,they are very good as they are going to give me some money back as I didn’t have the fall 20hrs, thank you ken for all your surport & getting to believe I was ready to do. I will recommend you to friends x

George G – March 12, 2018

So I booked a weeks intensive course and met a bloke called Les, probably one of the nicest and funniest blokes I’ve ever met. I had never driven before in my life and passed first time because of my driving instructor. I highly recommend this guy if your looking to pass first time, with a really nice bloke teaching you at the same time. Cheers mate.

Kyran H – February 23, 2018

Had Les as my driving instructor, he got me through a week driving course with a first time pass with no minors would highly recommend.

Tanith J – February 16, 2018

Les was an incredible driving instructor! As a nervous driver, he made me feel really relaxed and confident and so to complete a weeks intensive course and come out with a 1st time pass with one minor was such an amazing feeling! I would highly recommend him since he is such a legend and will get you through with no troubles 🙂

Theo M – February 10, 2018

Les was brilliant, really supportive and helpful, made it fun and I passed with only 1 minor in Winchester.

Abbie W – February 2, 2018

An absolutely amazing, reliable company! My instructor Ken was so supportive, positive and most importantly patient! I had under 20 hours worth of lessons but passed! I would recommend this driving school to anyone. Best decision I have ever made and I can’t thank Ken enough!

Sabrina K – November 15, 2017

So after 6 years of on and off driving lessons failing my practical test four times, getting into the wrong car at test centre, driving on the motorway on my independant drive, making up excuses after excuses not to keep up with my lessons, I knew enough was enough I came across Intensives.co.uk and they did a good job of fitting me in before the new test change and the new year! I cannot thank my driving instructor enough especially putting up with me, i am an air head always blanking out when I needed to concentrate, I made so many silly mistakes time and time again, I was a very baffling person, even I don’t know what goes through my head! even on test day my lessons before hand had gone down hill! At the moment we both thought I’m not ready for this! And I did it, I passed and wouldn’t of done it without him! He was tough on me for the better, thanks so much again I am a very happy person! Definitely recommend 🙂

Martina S – November 2, 2017

I passed my test first time yesterday. After having not quite positive experience with BSM I decided to switch and it proved to be very good decision. I have purchased the 10hours package and my driving instructor was great. You could tell immediately that he knew his job very well. He was able to pick up all the mistakes I was making (and that I haven’t even realised I was making as they had never been picked up by BSM instructor), was very patient with me and helped me to improve enough to pass the test. It was also very handy I was able to have lessons during the weekends as I work full-time, so don’t have much spare time during the week. So overall would definitely recommend to anyone!

Ebonie B – October 6, 2017

I was so happy to pass first time with the help of Steve if I hadn’t of had him as an instructor I don’t think I could have done it! He helped me so much in just the few lessons we had, he never bailed and cancelled our lessons and he always made sure we covered the things I wanted extra help with! Appreciate his help so much!

Katy S – September 29, 2017

Really impressed with the experience from start to finish. Communication was great throughout and I got started in a matter of weeks. Judy was amazing and loved my whole experience – passed this morning and I couldn’t be happier! I recommend  highly.

Tony K – September 15, 2017

Please pass on our thanks to Dan for getting Matt through his Driving test, he may not have been the easiest of students at times, but Dan certainly managed to make him feel at ease and achieve the required quality of tuition to get that Pass!

P M – September 15, 2017

I passed today, first time! Thanks to Ken, my instructor, who constantly reassured me and gave me the confidence I needed. Ken is very professional and an expert instructor. Ken’s tips and hint made maneuvers piece of cake for me! I would certainly recommend Ken as your driving instructor.

Conrad B – September 15, 2017

I had Judith as my instructor . She is very calming, considerate and easy to get along with. Unlike alot of instructors, she doesn’t feel the need to comment on everything and she puts alot more faith in her students than most. Having had 2 instructors before her she is the only instructor that made me feel like I was in control, and not being b aby sat. Really great, would 100% recommend. In my opinion she is a great teacher, and it proves it when I passed first time.

Polly D – September 14, 2017

I had Ken as my driving instructor and couldn’t fault him. He made every lesson comfortable and fun and I thoroughly enjoyed learning with him. Passed 1st time! Thank you Ken for all your support.

Kevin W – September 14, 2017

Judy was recommended to us and was fantastic!

Stephanie W – August 12, 2017

What a rewarding week!! I went for the 32hr intensive course with a test at the end and passed! (I had already completed my theory test prior to the course and this was my 2nd attempt at the practical test.) I had read the previous reviews and decided to give Intensives a call – I would thoroughly recommend them, particularly my instructor Judy. Judy is very positive, reassuring and put me at ease from the word ‘go’. I soon found my driving groove and gained enough confidence to tackle my ‘fear of roundabouts’ during the first 1/2 of the course. Not only a great instructor, but a very personable and friendly lady. I could not have wished for a better instructor – I highly recommend!

Holly C – August 1, 2017

Both my sister and I passed first time with Judy as our instructor. I was initially given a different instructor but his teaching style didn’t mesh well with how I learned and so they happily found me a different instructor (Judy). I was initially doing an intensive course and found it to be too gruelling and so Judy let me stagger my lessons out instead, my sister on the other hand found the intensive perfectly suited to her. Judy is such a wonderful teacher, extremely patient and I found my self to be very relaxed with her! I would definitely recommend Judy!

C B – July 24, 2017

I was lucky enough to have Les as my driving instructor, after seeing excellent reviews about him on here. I have to agree with everything that has already been said about him. He was an excellent instructor, very calm and relaxed in the car, and really helped to boost my confidence whilst driving. I would really recommend him! After passing my test first time this morning with 2 minors, I feel very lucky to have had Les as my instructor! Thanks so much!!

Jamie H – July 7, 2017

Have just completed a weeks intensive course and passed my test this afternoon with no errors or minor faults ! A big thank you to my instructor  who has been superb all week. It makes such a difference having an instructor who is so professional,friendly and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend taking the intensive course!

Lee C – June 21, 2017

Was extremely happy with my instructor , improved what i had previously learnt and made everything seem so simple by the way he explained and analysed things. Would HIGHLY recommend any beginners out there to use this company, 10/10.

Emily P – June 20, 2017

Thank you to my amazing instructor Ken for being patient and kind at all times! Over the past 10 days I have gained confidence and learned to be a safe driver allowing me to pass first time today with 4 minors! I would recommend to anyone searching for a good value and fantastic quality driving course. I am so glad that I chose this company – thank you. 🙂

David C – June 16, 2017

Passed first time with Les. He was a great instructor, made me feel confident in my ability and helped me iron out all the kinks in my ability. Would recommend les to anyone, easy to get on with and his methods work. Pass first time with 1 minor says it all.

Tom K – June 14, 2017

Learning to drive was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Their lesson duration and teaching style totally lend themselves to anyone wanting to learn to drive quickly or with demands on their time. Polite, punctual and extremely effective teachers, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mark G – June 5, 2017

Passed first time thanks to the patience and calm nature of Ken the instructor. Very easy to get along with so made the driving fall into place as was never nervous which made me feel comfortable and in control. Thanks for getting me through it!!

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